The Wedding March

Four years ago this time, I was a few months into a new business (Substance) and also a few days away from getting married.  I was on the Wedding March, as my good friend and personal trainer, Justine Seymour called it.  And march we did, around the streets of leafy Newlands, at a cracking pace, until that wedding dress fit like a glove.

In a sweet twist of fate, this very lady has been on a wedding march of her own of late.  In fact, this weekend she ties the knot!

In celebration of this auspicious time and also because Somersault Studio is one of my VERY favourite things, here’s Justine:

1.  If you were one of The Beatles, who would you be?

I won’t be any of them but it I absolutely have to… George Harrison

2.  What makes Somersault Studio different to other gyms?

We care about every single client, we know something about every single client, our teachers are highly qualified and have a passion for learning about how the body moves. The studio is peaceful, welcoming and unthreatening. We don’t play crap music.

3.  Have you got a favourite form of exercise, specific to Cape Town?  (Share the local love).

Walk/run up Lion’s Head. It takes and hour up & down and gets your heart thumping. The view does not suck either. But when I only have 30 minutes I run around the Molteno Rd reservoir. Also pretty.

4.  I’m an unfit, unhealthy person.  What is my first step?

Book a trainer. I would love to say get out there and start walking but if you have got to the point of being unfit, then chances are you don’t love exercise. Doing it alone, you will probably be committed for the first week, the second week miss one session, the third week only do one session.

So, find a convenient place to go, there are lots of small fitness studio’s popping up. These people have passion for what they do. Give yourself to them for whatever your budget will allow. Make sure you discuss that up front and a good trainer will design a program to fit your budget.

5.  What is the last thing you think about before you go to sleep at night?

Hmmm…I would love to say I think about how lucky I am to have RB by my side…and I do sometimes, but mostly I think about what the up coming day holds and how best to attack it. It is not a long thought. I am out 5 seconds after my eyes close.

Somersault is a boutique wellness centre in Claremont, Cape Town, offering Pilates, a variety of fitness training options and massage therapy in a beautiful Victorian home.

Also, the place is beautiful, the people are down to earth and the eating of bacon is encouraged! (more about this tomorrow!)

Follow Justine on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.  She is also a prolific (and useful, ahem Yvette) blogger from their web-site.

(The only pic I have of Justine is not for public viewing, because I took it at her wedding dress fitting last week, so here’s something else I shot that she liked 🙂