The glory of bacon!

Although Richard Bosman is very busy with the business of getting married this weekend, he spared a few moment between 12am and 2am to answer my interview questions.  Richard makes amazing meat from (mainly) pork, or as we in “the biz” call it, happy pigs!  I did not love and respect chorizo as much as I do now, until he came along. (Funny thing to say, but true.)

Here’s a quick interview with Richard:gloryofbacon

1.  If you were one of The Beatles, who would you be?

George Harrison

2.  Tell us about how your “happy pigs” live.

they have a forest, green fields of clover and a couple of nice muddy baths to frolic in. they also have little tents to sleep in when it is cold and on saturday nights they have a hoe down with live music and tell jokes about humans.

3.  How did you get involved in charcuterie?  (Did you wake up when you were 12 years old and say, I want to make bacon!)?

when i was 35 i decided to stop buying imported parma ham and make my own one instead. after eating some real bacon i could not go back.

4.  What are your plans for Richard Bosman Meats?

world domination by converting vegetarians one at a time

5.  This week there was a report that was released about what is actually contained in meat in South Africa.  Any thoughts?

i am sure it is all true. companies without ethics are constantly looking for ways to lower their costs and increase their profits

6.  What is the last thing you think about before you go to sleep at night?

what will the wind be like at muizenberg tomorrow

To me, the idea of meat, especially salami and sausages as “good” food was pretty strange, because of course we have been brainwashed that animal fat is “bad” all of our lives.  Now that I’m eating Low Carb High Fat (LCHF), animal fat is a huge part of that, but not all animal fat is created equal.  I don’t want to be eating (in large quanitities), the fat of animals that were kept in a cage their whole lives, scared and tired, depleted and pumped full of hormones before being mechanically force-fed to fatten them up at the last moment before their slaughter.  The health implications of large quantities of those types of meats are easy to understand; what is also really easy to get used to is how much better pasture-reared meats taste!  Richard has been a huge source of information on this for me.  Recipes, meat and inspiration, you can’t go wrong!

What is also a huge source of inspiration and information is Richard’s awesome blog.  Here is a particularly lovely post about his trip to Italy last year and reflections on the food in particular. His company has an awesome attitude towards customers and products, one we could all get something from, so get eating REAL bacon, folks!

Happy Friday!