susan sontag

This weekend I was delighted to read this from Brain Pickings, Brain Pickings is a truly exceptional collection of diverse, multi-disciplinary musings and curated reading material, mostly with a cultural bent. You should check it out…

“In 1978, Rolling Stone contributing editor Jonathan Cott interviewed Sontag in twelve hours of conversation, beginning in Paris and continuing in New York, only a third of which was published in the magazine. Now, more than three decades later and almost a decade after Sontag’s death, the full, wide-ranging magnificence of their tête-à-tête, spanning from literature and philosophy to illness and mental health to music and art, is at last released.”

You can buy Susan Sontag’s complete Rolling Stone interview as a book now from:


I love this quote on being a writer from Susan Sontag and think it applies just as much to filmmaking…

“Giving full attention to the world, which includes you … that’s what a writer does — a writer pays attention to the world. Because I’m very against this solipsistic notion that you find it all in your head. You don’t, there really is a world that’s there whether you’re in it or not.”

Susan Sontag