ORT SA CAPE Promo video package

Hello friends!

Here is a little snippet from the video we have been working on for ORT SA CAPE.  Watch on Youtube here.
ORT SA CAPE were recommended to Substance Films by a long-term favourite client 🙂 We shot the video over three days in Stellenbosch and Cape Town and turned around a 6 minute edit in a week. ORT SA CAPE needed the video as their “credentials” for a conference they are attending. In addition, we are now going to cut them a longer version for use with funders and stakeholders – because we have so much beautiful footage and they love it! I took some stills for the organisation to use as additional materials as an added bonus, all for a real steal of a price!

Camera: Carlos Francisco
Edit: Jessica Munna & Yvette Lambrecht
Director/Producer: Yvette Lambrecht
Music: Audio Network (the cue sheet is still coming, guys!)

Shot on the 50D, an impressive little camera! (Less impressed with the sound from the Zoom H4N, unfortunately…)

I also shot a series of stills for the orgnaisation, who works in after-school education for both teachers and learners – aiming to improve language skills in disadantaged communities, with a view to improving maths and science levels.  This was just to offer some additional value to their work.

The more I work with NGO’s, the more I find that the resources they have in terms of media materials are drastically limited and in turn, limit the potential they have to show the good work they are doing.  I believe the basis of this is a misunderstanding of the importance of media, but also a technology aversion which means stills are often shot on cell-phones or low-end digital cameras, which will never provide the quality necessary for print or even video use.  Simple issues such as turning off the setting on email software that reduces pictures to thumbnails automatically and maintaining the original quality of images at all times, can solve this in a jiffy!

Please be in touch if you ever need some basic help with creating media for your organisation.  I am happy to help – its such importnat information!  With some of our long-standing clients we have reached a stage where we can even lend them a small HD video camera or one of our stills camera, they shoot the media themselves and we only get involved in the edit – a great way to save costs but still produce great media!

Until soon! (Check out our Facebook Page for some stills.)