Market yourself!

So, last night was my first class in a six week, 12 module Master Class in producing.  The course is sponsored by Wesgro and facilitated by Big Fish. I am lucky enough to have been given a sponsored spot in the class, so even though I dread the drive to town on a Tuesday and Thursday evening, when I could be practicing my back-bends, I’m also delighted at the opportunity.  As Grant says, “maybe this is just what you need!” Ha!  That’s because he doesn’t have to go…grumble grumble…

Anyway, there I was with my hair in a pony-tail and a note-book and pen (no Iphone!!!) and it was actually very cool to be amongst fellow filmmakers, who are all just after the same thing – to make kick-ass South African films. Just that energy alone was enough to have me driving home singing and feeling inspired.

I mostly picked up tips on pitching from the lecturer, Savo Tufegdzic.  He equates the confidence you need to sell yourself and sell your film to being “that” person in a club that has no problem picking up whoever they want.  I kinda equated that to being the most drunk, but turns out its the same thing!  We had a laugh about this when I raised it in class, but I was thinking about it this morning and its absolutely true.  Whatever your poison, it gives you the chance to be yourself without all the “what if” voices in your head…and that’s the edge you need to pitch well and memorably.  If you ask me, that is.

To pitch well, I kind of have to pretend I am someone else who isn’t stressing about my current client project and how to make a R 50 000 budget into a R 100 000 budget and why the Final Cut keeps quitting and if we need a new offline edit suite…but you know, when I forget about all those mundanities, I remember why I got into this game in the first place and it leaves me…driving home singing and feeling inspired.

A really good place to be.  Thanks Universe!  Thanks Big Fish!  Thanks Wesgro!  (Thanks Florence + The Machine!)