an interview with my favourite grant

me: Grant, I am going to interview you for my blog.

GA:  huh?

me:  Just sit there and answer me.

GA: huh?

me: if you were one of The Beatles, which one would you be.

GA:  Sheesh, what are their names?  I’d be John Lennon.  I don’t even know who the others are!

me: Whats the last thing you think about before you go to sleep at night?

GA:  A good question.  What I want to do.

me: and what is that?

GA:  Things I want to do, things I want to see.

me: like what? (brief argument ensures)

GA:  I’m a terrible interviewee.  I don’t know.

me:  what makes you different from other camera guys?

GA:  Good question!  I’m easy-going.  Otherwise it gets too particular, sometimes you just have to go for it and shoot it.

GA: I don’t like this interview anymore.

me:  tough.

me:  What is your wildest dream?

GA:  To travel to Asian countries!  I love Asia!  The last time I went there was such a long time ago…

(Later) GA:  I am going to change my dream to shooting an expidition to the North or South pole.  Maybe for National Geographic!

me: What was the highlight of 2012 for you?

GA:  When it finished.  (me: Agreed!)

(Surprise interjection from Michael Lambrecht, always helpful, via telephone)

ML via YL:  Grant, your feminine side forms a large part of your personality, so why is it that you wield a spanner like a bastard?

GA:  uuuuuh

me:  Thanks for your time, Grant (and Michael, via telephone).  Its been a pleasure, has been and always will be!


Check out Grant’s work on his youtube channel or his Facebook page.  Web-site coming soon!