Empire Cafe Muizenberg

I have always known I wanted a home for my business in Muizenberg.  Ever since my time at Community Media Trust, when our offices were in the amazing SouthSands building, overlooking the sea, it was my goal.  In 2011 I made my dream come true and we are happily esconced at 141 Main Road.

A large part of why we are so happy in Muizenberg, is due to, not only the exquisite retro fittings in our building…nor the adventures in the park at lunch-time, but the fantastic “business” company all around us.

First and foremost of these is the intrepid and infamous Empire Cafe.  Open from 7am on a week day, and always ready with a flat white, a surf report and a joke or two, Dave and his team are like my second family.  But seriously, apart from the moral support (and that’s moral, not ego support), Empire also keeps me going with some pretty awesome food.

Now that I’m eating LCHF, the chicken salary (with fresh greens and orange), is my go-to lunch dish and if you are fresh from an early morning surf and so starving you could chew off your own arm, an Empire omelette (massive, fluffy, cheesy goodness), can go a long way to setting you on the right road.

And of course, if you happen to be cheating on your LCHF eating plan, the way to do it is with a freshly-baked  Empire chocolate or almond croissant.  Followed by another flat white, of course!

Empire Cafe is open for dinner on Thursdays and Saturdays….ssssh, its the best-kept secret in the dirty South and some people are letting it slip!  Dinner is a superb, hand-written menu of goodness and presided over personally by his majesty, Dave. Here is a gratuitous flower pic from Valentine’s Day at Empire this year, the night also featured steak, yellowtail and a lady wearing cat ears!



The other thing Empire Cafe does, is offer patrons the opportunity to exchange their surplus homegrown goods for credit.  How innovative and nifty is that?  Recently, I’ve been growing these beautiful spanspek and eating a good lot of them, but also hocking a couple to Dave in exchange for flat whites.  Clever hey?

More Muizenberg love to come…