You are in video, but what do you actually do?

March 9, 2017/by Yvette Kruger

Paradigm Shift is looking for Cast

January 27, 2016/by Tayo

Happy New Year! (And save water)

January 3, 2016/by Tayo

The bacon revolution

June 6, 2015/by Tayo

Looking Back / Looking Forward

May 11, 2015/by Tayo


December 18, 2014/by Tayo

bustin down the doors

September 18, 2014/by Tayo

Frozen in Time

June 1, 2014/by Tayo

susan sontag

November 13, 2013/by Tayo

just a (smart) thought…

November 4, 2013/by Tayo

the ploy to employment

November 3, 2013/by Tayo

Africa Connected

October 17, 2013/by Tayo

Substance Films 2013 Showreel

August 16, 2013/by Tayo

Production Master Class – Lesson 2

August 16, 2013/by Tayo

Muizenberg Festival 2014

August 14, 2013/by Tayo

Market yourself!

August 14, 2013/by Tayo

6 August 2013

August 6, 2013/by Tayo

Rhodes intern blog posts

June 28, 2013/by Tayo

Variety is the spice of life

April 4, 2013/by Tayo

Busy times

March 20, 2013/by Tayo

If you can’t hear you might as well not even watch

March 6, 2013/by Tayo

Doing what you love

March 4, 2013/by Tayo

The glory of bacon!

March 1, 2013/by Tayo

The Wedding March

February 28, 2013/by Tayo

ORT SA CAPE Promo video package

February 27, 2013/by Tayo

an interview with my favourite grant

February 27, 2013/by Tayo

With apologies to peep show

February 26, 2013/by Tayo

Empire Cafe Muizenberg

February 26, 2013/by Tayo

A few of our favourites

February 26, 2013/by Tayo


February 25, 2013/by Tayo

Arabella’s blog post

February 18, 2013/by Tayo

2013 Year of the Snake!

February 10, 2013/by Tayo


December 18, 2012/by Tayo

Muizenbosch II

November 16, 2012/by Tayo

Muizenbosch II

November 16, 2012/by Tayo

Substance Films Announces… Muizenbosch II

November 12, 2012/by Tayo

Birthright begins shooting!

October 26, 2012/by Tayo

Birthright Documentary

October 25, 2012/by Tayo

The real world… from the mouth of an intern

October 9, 2012/by Tayo