Arabella’s blog post

A little blog-post from Arabella Packford, who recently interned with Substance Films for a week:

I was a little unsure at first as to why I had chosen to do a weeks work experience on my three-week holiday.  However as soon as Yvette welcomed me at the door with her relaxed and cool attitude I felt at ease and knew this would be much more fun than just work.  I walked into this spacious, airy office with great art all over the walls and a typewriter sitting in the corner and was given a desk that were to be mine for the week. This is where my insight to Substance films began.

Firstly I was challenged with making sense of a script and drawing a storyboard for it. I could be tempted to show this storyboard but I am slightly too embarrassed for it is difficult to even work out my stick men are stick men! I am a photographer, definitely not an artist! I don’t think I did too bad a job on the script however and Yvette seemed to be pleased with it!

Next I was asked to join her on a shoot for her documentary SIXSkin. We went to the most beautiful house for this. She has been a great tour guide as well as someone to work for! We travelled through the ‘robots’ as I was reminded South Africans call traffic lights, and went onto another shoot where I was asked to take my cameras and do some stills whilst they filmed. Yvette and cameraman Grant were very relaxed yet professional in their way of working, chatting as if friends with their subjects. Once Yvette managed to pull herself away from the Siamese cats, we drove home!

Next couple of days I researched all into Africa and the mothers2mothers program on aids. This was fascinating to research as I knew nothing of their existence before, now I shall keep up to date with their progress as they are making incredible improvements across Africa.

It has been amazing to experience the different areas in which Substance Films work. They are busy and work on projects simultaneously, yet Yvette manages to get everything completed with such ease. It has been good fun, I have learnt a lot and met some great people. Now it is the end of my holiday and although returning back to England, I don’t think it will be for long!