We are struggling to find a way to word how we feel about closing up shop and saying farewell to the year that was. It could be that it is not possible to do justice to the growth, exciting projects, friendships and memories that embody 2012, or it could be that we’re hot, tired, and really, really want to go watch the final episode of Homeland.
Whichever is the cause of our lack of inspiration this Tuesday afternoon at 4:28pm, two things are clear – we’d do it all again if we could, and we will, because 2013 is just 13 days and one apocalypse away.
When we reopen on the 9th of January, Yvette will be on a surfing holiday we will be ready to take it all on again, to continue to grow, to nurture the awesome friendships and groundbreaking projects, and the create even more awesome memories together, and with all of you.


Til next year
Y, J, M, G, M, M & E